It has only been within the last decade that designers and fabricators of interpretive signs have been able to abandon the high cost of screen printing and move to large-scale digital printing to create beautiful, full-color interpretive signs at a fraction of the former cost.

installed sign

New Moon offers our clients full service custom design, taking projects from the conceptual stage
to ribbon cutting. 
         •    Planning
         •    Designing
         •    Fabrication
         •    Installation


The most crucial step in bringing your project to completion on time and on budget is to develop a good plan.  As we begin each project we consider:
your audience, the nature of your message, site conditions and your budget.

Design is the most complex of the four production steps. The principle design elements include:
         •    Text
         •    Graphics
         •    Photos

The art of excellent interpretive signs is to marry these elements in such a way as to maximize the communication process.  Let’s look at each of the elements.

Research has shown that when text blocks exceed 50 to 75 words, visitors attention declines rapidly.
Comprehensive text is important in communicating your message so it’s imperative that you know your audience and keep your message clear but concise.  The text will take up a surprising amount of space when sized properly to assure readability so, again, keeping text to the suggested minimums is crucial.

history installedGRAPHICS
The challenge in using illustrations, maps, drawings, colors, and fonts is putting these elements together to attract and involve the visitor.  As you work through the planning stage, it’s valuable to question the purpose of graphic elements to ensure that they are fulfilling the goals of reaching your audience, conveying your intended message, and remaining within the budgetary constraints of the project. 

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then good imagery is priceless when it comes to interpretive signs!  New Moon works with professional photographers and uses top stock photo providers to bring powerful imagery to your project. 

Your fabrication choice will dictate your other design choices and should be your first consideration in planning.   There are many materials and production techniques in use today.  Each offers pros and cons which should be discussed in the planning stage.  We will discuss your project in detail and recommend fabrication and installation choices best suited to your specific needs.

Depending on your project scope, installation may be simple or complex.  New Moon contracts with top quality fabricators who provide installation direction on all projects.


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