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New Moon Promotions specializes in creating interpretive signs.   Whether your goal is to educate and guide the public through the natural world, pay tribute to moments in history or welcome visitors to your park or business, we can take you from concept to completion.

                      WHAT WE DO

• Research    • Graphic Illustrations
• Interpretive Writing • Single Sign or Series of Signs
• Graphic Design • Fabrication Oversight
• Photography • Installation Oversight
• Maps  

New Moon Promotions works with experienced GIS professionals who can create large, colorful maps, biologists who are experts in conveying the most complex environmental phenomena in understandable language, staff researchers and writers and professional photographers to bring it all together for beautiful, compelling signs. To get started on planning your project, click here.

New Moon also provides a full range of graphic design services including special project logo design, brochures, publications, and more.


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